Hunger Games Finally Dethroned by Allegedly Mediocre Romantic Comedy

After a four-week reign as the most popular dystopian YA movie based on a dystopian YA novel in a dystopian era of Hollywood filmmaking, The Hunger Games was trotted out to the box-office public square and unceremoniously beheaded by the generally meh romantic comedy, Think Like a Man, which made $33 million. Maybe it wasn't all that dramatic — Games still hauled in $14.5 million, which is way more than that Eddie Murphy movie nobody saw will ever make, though probably way less money that Eddie Murphy has in his Scrooge McDuck swimming pool. Now we'll once again wade into a summer of bloated action movies not featuring strong female leads, so here's hoping everyone inflated their swimmies and got as much pleasure from the Hunger Games dominance as they could.

"Hunger Games" gives up box office crown [Reuters]


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