All day you guys have been accusing me of being drunk and you were probably technically right, a good friend lost his job last night and I think I actually at one point ingested Southern Comfort, but also I was hallucinating because for some reason my landlord decided it was a good idea to set our thermostat at approximately "boiling," which made me think of torture and the doctrine of preemption and other fundamentally dumb ideas directed mostly at perpetuating the Military Industrial Complex, sort of like Proactiv is a dumb idea directed at extracting as much oil reserves from your pores as physically possible for ever and ever until your face is a whored-out minefield of tiny little conflicts just raring to escalate into full fledged facial atrocities at the slightest irritation, which is, of course, the whole superbug narrative. This is why I recently decided to remove myself from the cycle and stop washing my face altogether - more on this tomorrow! โ€” and also why I more recently decided to leave my house and tap into the climate control/communication resources of the bar across the street. See, I am one of the lucky ones.

I can accept defeat and seek less hostile environs as long as the zit cream-peddling economy provides me some refuge from the abject poverty the other 95% get to deal with. Like Benazir Bhutto, I can move freely about and observe my heathenous traditions in peace. The problem, I think, is the vast majority of people who not only do not have this luxury, they have never known it. Instead they have known: exploitation, death death death, vengefulness, hunger, the sense of freedom that comes from imposing more restrictions on already-restricted lives and/or ending said lives altogether. What am I talking about? What do you do? Fuck if I know; seriously anything I say at this point is going to sound colossally stupid and I'm not even sober, a freedom for which I feel so tremendously lucky right now I think I'm going to drink some more.