Just bought People at Duane Reade, where the following interaction occurred:
Clerk: Oh, his first name is Owen... For some reason I thought it was his last name.
Me: Um, yeah, his brother, Luke Wilson, was actually in a reaaaally awful romcom with Kate Hudson once, which makes the whole thing sort of confusing.
Clerk: I was, like, telling one of my friends about it, and I was saying, you know, the guy with the funny nose! Who always seemed so cool! I loved him in You, Me and Dupree. He always looks like he's having such a great time...
Me:: Yeah, he was sort of like, least likely to be all depressed, right?
Clerk: Well you know they say rich people are, on the whole, less happy than the majority of us.

While on the whole, the picture is a bit more complicated than this, we think it's safe to say that on the whole, the less we know about wealthy people, the happier we are. But we bought People anyway and realized there are exceptions: reading erstwhile Scar-beau Ryan Reynolds testifying to the fact that money doesn't buy happiness can, in a small way, make us marginally sorta happier.

Says Ryan on the "swag at industry events":

I have very little patience with all that stuff. It's pretty crazy. It's like, 'Why don't you go to the Prada tent or the Adidas tent?' And you're like, 'Is this the free shoes for the rich program?' I don't understand. Why are all these people lining up? You made $20 million last year!


Sigh. In fact, swoon. Please tell us he dumped that dumb bitch we so irrationally loathe already.