Hulk Hogan's Mother Is Awesome

This clip is from an old episode of Hogan Knows Best that re-aired today featuring Hulk Hogan's mother Ruth, who she is nothing short of awesome. Her favorite restaurant is Hooters, she likes low-cut tops from Fashion Bug, and she doesn't take shit from anyone. Happy Easter, everyone.

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@Cam/ron: Wow. Ha ha. Incredible attempt at being a grammarian. I commend you. Unfortunately, the structure "to know how to + verb" never requires a qualitative adverb. Do you speak any other languages ? French perhaps ? Savoir + ecrire = to know how to write. There is no semantic need whatsoever for "bien" or "well" in the sentence. At all. Try correcting everyone who advocates literacy by saying, "No, no, Mister. The students must not learn how to read, but how to read WELL." Unless you yourself are particularly handicapped with the English language and need the extra adverb to explicitly state what any average reader would sense implicitly (that is, that the emphasis is on a successful achievement of the thing-to-be-known), your lesson is gratuitous and silly. Nice try, though ! Maybe you should look into enrolling in that Language Arts class.

@mepo: For an example of pedantic grammar, see above your own comment.

Again, I know others have, but I won't readily submit to the clique behavior on this site. Did none of you notice how, during the so-called "Reader Executions," many commenters voiced feeling uncomfortable because of the unnecessary girl-on-girl stuff ? You'll need to explain to me why the second one fairly criticizes a writer at Jezebel, a group of blindly allegiant robots appear out of nowhere in attack mode, saying stupid schoolyard crap like, "Leave SM alone or I'll throw rotten vegetables at you !!" The only thing that deserves a response like that would be a hurtful comment, like, "Slut Machine's an ugly whore," "Moe's a crackhead trick,"et cetera. Instead, however, I made the valid point that I think this site would benefit from a little more committed editing. And while I don't feel the need to justify my presence here, I will go ahead and say that I've expressed three times as many positive things here than I have negative.

And as a quick note to the others commenting here, sorry to descend into a bitchy faux-treatise on the mechanics of grammar, which has never been my criticism of the writing on Jezebel. It was directed, obviously, at the unwarranted little dig above.