Huh, Here's Derek and Julianne Hough Dancing to Sia's 'Elastic Heart'

Not being an avid Dancing with the Stars viewer, I managed to miss Tuesday night’s finale—though congrats Rumer Willis! Seeing your dad, Bruce Willis, crying in the audience before I tuned into The Bachelor Monday was worth the price of admission—and therefore missed brother/sister pair Derek and Julianne Hough performing to Sia singing “Elastic Heart.”

Elle draws our attention to the dance, of which Derek wrote on Instagram, “Re connect to the playful inner child where the love is pure and honest. Family, even through the hardest of times is everything .” Performing with Derek and his sister were young dancers Emma York and Joey Germa.


Is it an improvement to see this from an actual brother and sister and not Maddie Ziegler/Shia LaBeouf? Who knows; Sia’s still covering her face.

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