Of Course There's a Pokémon Go Dating App

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Image via screenshot

If you’ve spend most of your days muttering under your breath about Caterpie and your nights tossing and turning, dreaming about the Pikachu you saw at your cubicle but couldn’t quite catch, have I got an app for you!


I am frankly surprised it took this long but now, at long last, BuzzFeed reports that there is a Pokémon Go dating app that will let you fulfill your dreams of catching them all while also maybe catching some D.

It’s called PokéDates and it will match you with the trainer of our dreams so that you can chase pocket monsters forever. All you do is answer a few questions, share your schedule and then get ready to meet the person of your dreams at a Pokéstop near you.


The app was created by Project Fixup which is surprisingly not an auto-repair shop but a real-life dating site that urges its users to actually get up and go outside and meet people — how novel!

Ten points to Project Fixup for capitalizing on what is actually a world-wide phenomenon and attempting to help others find love in what is actually a hopeless place.

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Huh. Does it have to be a date, or does it match people platonically? I’m wary of all the creepy men who talk about playing the game as a pickup method, but I wouldn’t mind finding a buddy who wants to walk around together.