Hugh Hefner & Fiancée Crystal Harris, Circa 2003

Illustration for article titled Hugh Hefner  Fiancée Crystal Harris, Circa 2003

He was 77; she was 16. [Images via Pacific Coast News Online.]


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It is one thing to disapprove of or debate someone’s actions, business principles, and beliefs, like some people do with Hugh Hefner, and what they SHOULD do. It is another to constantly snark about their age. Not only is it showing underlying agism (Gross! Old people don’t have sex! How can she waste her hotness on HIM??) it’s also coming across as shallow and extremely weak in terms of argument (Look, once a few years ago they were younger! She used to be sixteen! Isn’t that weird? Nobody used to be sixteen!!! She used to be under age! She’s not anymore but that’s not the point!)

Don’t forget to add how Taylor Swift’s and Jake Gyllenhal’s relationship was invalid and ridiculous because she was too young to drink legally!