Huge Bags: Hot. Chiropractor Bills: Not

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Large bags were a ubiquitous fashion trend in 2007, and the trend for 2008? Bigger bags. Are we just getting used to carrying a ton of stuff? Poor Andy Rooney, who noticed this trend back in November, is going to be apoplectic. According to the Wall Street Journal, doctors say the recommended weight of a handbag should be no more than 1 or 2 pounds. With a wallet, keys, cell phone, camera, lip gloss, gum, notebook and business card holder, it's hard to carry a clutch that weighs less than a pound these days. Add a laptop, some magazines and bottled water and you're lugging a load. But the oversized purses keep coming: Michael Kors' Beverly bag is over 13 inches high and 17 inches wide; the YSL downtown bag is 17 inches high and 11 inches wide. And the Louis Vuitton bag pictured could easily transport a newborn child.


Notes Vanessa O'Connell of the WSJ, blogger Kelly Cook of has the YSL bag, which weighs 17 pounds when full. Ms. Cook suffers from chronic back pain.We've already talked about what it is we carry; the question is why do we need to carry so much? Why are bags so big? It would be one thing if designers produced huge purses and no one bought them — but giant bags are a hit. In a world where gadgets are getting smaller and on-trend celebrities getting thinner — what's with the wrist-snapping bags? (One thought: Maybe since the price of one of these bags could feed a third-world family for a month or two, a pinched nerve is penance?)

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@rednrowdy: Seconded. Massage is the Way.

I definitely carry too much shit in my bag, but it's really hard for me to justify leaving most of it at home. I love having my camera with me at all times; I absolutely need a book; my planner is a necessity, too; deodorant is a must; I always carry a light, folded-up tote bag inside my purse in case I go shopping after work. And sometimes I use it to carry one or more of the following: a change of shoes, a scarf, a hat, earmuffs, my breakfast, my lunch, a magazine.

I guess I probably don't need things like my passport, five lip glosses/sticks or small Moleskine notebook, but the reality is that those are the things that weigh the least.

I don't even know how much it weighs at its average capacity! I should find out.