Huffy Editor Completely Irate That Crystal Renn Is Thin Now

Crystal Renn is no longer a plus-sized model, like she used to be, and people are freaking the fuck out. Specifically PLUS Model magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones, who says: "Everyone rallied around her and now she's turned against us… We have been betrayed by her." Bullshit. While it is fair game to discuss her body — since she literally makes a living out of selling it to magazines and advertisers — she is not betraying us, since she never promised us a damn thing. Was it glorious to see her full shape in a swimsuit in Glamour? Yes. Is she a lot slimmer in Sports Illustrated? Yes. But she doesn't owe it to anyone to be any certain size. Also, since she used to have an eating disorder, seriously, just leave it alone. [Radar]


Shocker: Agyness Deyn has been lying about her age for years. She explains: "When I decided I would really do modelling I was like 18, and I think at the time that was quite old for a new face, so we knocked off a few years." She turned 29 last month. [Fashionista]


Jennifer Lawrence looks downright ethereal on the cover of Glamour. [The Cut]


Here is a glorious image of Naomi for V. (Full photograph at the link.) [Fashionista]
Naomi rarely does runway anymore, but she closed the Roberto Cavalli show in Milan, wearing a slinky backless gown. Video ahoy! [The Life Files]

  • Karlie Kloss hasn't walked in any runway shows this month, but she's in Paris now, and that could mean… something. [The Cut]
  • Have you seen the cute blog where couples switch clothes? [Sincerely Hana, via Glamour]
  • Would you care to watch a video of the Missoni Fall 2012 runway show? [WWD]
  • And now, Italian Vogue would like to talk to you about self-esteem. Did you know that looking at pictures of models can make you feel more satisfied with your body? []

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