HuffPo Plays Cupid!

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"Throughout the ages, there's been one question that's consistently stumped the wisest of gurus and prophets — and at times even Oprah. Love or lust?" asks Cosmopo - oh, wait, it's The HuffPo!


The "quiz" itself is a slightly-wordier version of what we expect from questionnaires that promise general answers for extremely personal and specific life situations. Here's one of the 10 questions:

Lust and love are as different as night and day. If your partner only wants to see you in the wee hours of night, it's lust. If this person wants to spend the more precious daylight hours on weekends with you, you're heading towards the real-deal love, baby! If not, suggest some afternoon activities to explore doing together, so you can get to know each other beyond Dinner 101 Conversations and their accompanying after-dinner-treats — so you can suss out for sure if it's love or lust.

Real-deal love, baby! The HuffPo has spoken, as all-knowing and calmly confident as Cosmo on its sagest day. Other pearlies: Does he make you your best you? Also: good looks fade. None of them wrong, per se - cliches do tended to be rooted in some essential truth - but all in all, a baffling little document. The love/lust divide may be the Greatest Mystery Of Our Age (albeit not a confusion anyone I know has really been prey to - falling in love with bad people is more of an issue) but a greater mystery is...Christmas-appropriate though it may be, why the hell is this on HuffPo?

Karen Salmansohn is a popular pop-psych writer, and it's not remarkable that she should contribute to the blog, but as a famous LOLCat once said - srsly? This is just the latest in a series of very odd posts on the liberal catchall. True, Arianna Huffington's baby has always been an eclectic assemblage of serious-minded opinion, celebrity bloviating, entertainment and the occasional outlier - it's this which renders it an idiosyncratic and often essential read. But in the last few months we've seen tabloidy critiques of middle-aged epidermi, catty makeup commentary and now, guides to one's (presumably left-leaning and gender-unspecific) Man. It's not that there's anything wrong with an answer-life's-questions quiz, but the assumption behind this kind of thing in a teen or fashion mag is that it's a young population eager for answers, not precisely the sort of intellectual curiosity we would have thought the HuffPo credited their readership with. Unless there's been a great outcry from the masses (and Oprah) for a way to distinguish between Lust and Love - in which case we stand corrected. And possibly basing a marriage on Lust. Quiz: Are You In Lust Or Love? [Huffington Post]


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