Madonna might be all kinds of wrong these days, prickly armpits including, but back when she wrote and recorded her fifth album Like A Prayer, she was a well-oiled machine.


Billboard caught up with her long-time co-writer, producer and collaborator Patrick Leonard, who revealed that they recorded the aforementioned album at dizzying speed.

"… we wrote a song a day, and we didn't change them. And oftentimes the vocal that she did was the lead vocal, we didn't even change the lead vocal. That was it. She sang it. It was done. ...," Leonard said.

"I put the track together, she would sing it, and that was it. We learned from that. This idea of a ritualistic vocal session doesn't make any sense. You perform now. You know the song, perform it. And oftentimes, the energy that's there because you're in this creative space is much more pure than when you've thought about it and worked on it and practiced it in your car and all that stuff. It's like, eh, come on. Blue collar, once again. Get to work (Laughs)."

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"Prickly armpits"? Those bitches were hairy. And there isn't anything wrong with women's natural bodies. So stop with the shaming.