HPV Shots? Owie!! Say College Girls Stupid Enough To Talk To Laura Sessions Stepp

When we were in college, we had never heard of HPV. Now that Eli Lilly has been loudly forced to stop spending money educating people about it amidst a gargantuan media uproar, most college kids capable of staying sober for at least a few hours at a time know about it. But as usual with this generation, no one cares. Or at least, as usual with members of this generation who talk to Laura Sessions Stepp, the Washington Post scribe who has been covering the teen sex beat with a sort of simultaneously perverse and prudish glee since a "sex ring" was uncovered at her son's middle school in 1998. An excerpt:

Says Levey: "You see someone who's wasted on alcohol or stoned on your couch. Viruses like HPV can seem minor by comparison."

Uh, Levey, a bad case of the muchies and cervical cancer are sorta , you know, an apples-oranges type of issue, see what we mean?


(Check user-generated content created by Laura's afternoon chat for the thoughts of even more idiotic, ignorant citizens.)

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