Ladies, are you getting enough sleep? New studies show that if you're sleeping next to a guy, your sleep is more fragmented, reports MSNBC. But guess what? Men sleep better when there's a woman in the bed. An estimated 23% of American couples sleep apart: Men are much more likely to be snorers, says Mark Mahowald, director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center, but often, it's the woman who moves to a different bed — or room — when the snoring becomes intolerable. The problem is that the older we get, the greater the impact disturbed sleep has on our ability to function during the day. That's according to a new study discussed in Science Daily today. "Women with objective measures of poor sleep had more trouble performing independent activities of daily living," says Suzanne E. Goldman, PhD, of the University of Pittsburgh. Stuff that should be easy, like walking and getting up from a chair, was harder for older women who slept less than 6 hours a night. And there's more!

According to a study reported in The Independent, people often behave in ways that are out of character while asleep. Dr. Simon Williams of the University of Warwick divides sleepers into eight categories: Socially attentive, intolerant, selfish, anarchic, snoozers, nappers, feigners and deviants. The socially attentive are easily roused; intolerant and selfish sleepers make their sleep a priority over their significant others', and can be snorers and sleepwalkers as well. Snoozers are the kind of people who can sleep on a train without missing their stop; nappers are gaining acceptance; feigners pretend to be asleep (WTF?) and deviants include people who make unconscious nighttime trips to the refrigerator. The study adds, "Murders have been committed by people while asleep." On someone who was snoring, perhaps?

It's kind of upsetting that psychologist Wendy Troxel finds that only men benefit from settling down, saying, "My research shows that married men are much happier and healthier than unmarried men. The findings are much less consistent with women." But the most annoying part about all these studies is that they seem to agree on one thing: Women are usually lighter sleepers, possibly because, as researchers suggest, they "historically have been the ones caring for infants." So, even though we don't have any kids, when our neighbor comes home wasted and stumbles up the stairs, we have no choice but to lie there and listen. Yawn.

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