Howard K. Stern: I Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

Howard K. Stern was on Larry King Live last night to discus his $60 million libel lawsuit against Rita Cosby for allegations she made in her book Blonde Ambition. Larry played clips of Howard's past appearances on the show, including one in which he appears with Anna and the two claim to strictly have a client/lawyer/BFF relationship. Another clip shows him claiming to be Dannielynn's father, and that the two had been secret lovers for years. Even confronted with his own lies and shady behavior, he still insists on sticking to his story of the moment — that he and Anna were lovers for years, that they truly believed he was the father of the baby, that he was willing to take a DNA test to prove that the whole time, that they didn't do drugs, and that he never sucked off Larry Birkhead. Howard also discussed recently-surfaced pictures in which Anna looks totally wasted while holding daughter Danielynn. Check out the shots after the jump.

These were the original shots that were floating around the internet, suggesting that Anna was high (what a shock) and puking.


But Howard K. Stern, determined to defend her honor, said she wasn't puking, but was eating KFC and getting the tartar sauce all over herself... topless. He brought this picture on to prove it. What a prince he is!

Don't you just love how Dannielynn is giving first an expression of shock, then of disapproval? That's sorta how we felt watching her mom, too. Except we would always laugh in the end.


Why on earth — if you supposedly love someone — would you

publicize photos like that? What a fucking parasite. Thank god he's not

that poor child's father. I'm with LFW1031 — If Larry Birkenhead has

any sense, he'll move far, far away from HKStern and ANS's scary mother

and just protect that little girl. Damn, some people are just fucked in

the head. He needs to go away, and we all need to stop rewarding him by

paying attention to him. Bastard.