How Would You Feel If Your Ex Got Married?

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John Mason, 35, got hitched on Saturday. Big deal? Yeah, because at his last wedding, the bride disappeared and then claimed she'd been kidnapped. John Mason's ex fiancé, Jennifer Wilbanks, was known as the "runaway bride." For causing chaos and lying to authorities she was sentenced to two years' probation and community service, including mowing the lawns at public buildings. Meanwhile, John's new bride is the cousin of a friend he went to high school with. The ceremony was quiet and John's mom did the flowers (pink roses). Here's the thing: Even if she got cold feet, had some "issues" or just went a little nuts back in 2005 when she ran away, Jennifer Wilbanks, at some point, told this man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. And now he's with someone else. Have you been there? I have.


A few years back, I was living with a boyfriend who was a super sweet, super funny, all-around nice guy. And I broke up with him. We're too young, I need to work on myself, it's not you, it's me, I said. And I meant it. I had nothing but great things to say about him. And that's why, a few years later, when he contacted me out of the blue and wanted to "grab a drink" after work, I was excited and said sure. But as we sat in a pizza place talking about our jobs, I saw a flash of silver on his hand. On his finger. I think a bite of cheese fell out of my mouth. "Are you married?" I blurted. "Yeah, I am, I was kind of waiting for the right minute to tell you," he said. Approximately three thousand thoughts and emotions flooded my body, including questions like: Why didn't he tell me before he tied the knot? Why did we break up again? Meaning: Why did I break up with him? Why am I so shocked? Why is he so nonchalant? Do I wish I were married to him? Do I wish I still had the chance to be? Why am I still single? Why am I freaking out? Why do I care? That night, instead of answers, I had a few cocktails.

But today, I found myself wondering: How does the most famous almost-bride feel about her almost-groom tying the knot? And what is it about finding out an ex has gotten hitched that can rock your world?

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I've been engaged a few times. Don't judge. After hurricane Katrina I got in touch with some old friends and one of them puts an ex on the phone before I say no. I really loved this man and hearing his voice brought back stuff I never imagined.

He asked for my number and I reluctantly gave it - he's an ex for a reason.

He started calling and it was like no time had passed. He said how he thought he'd never get to hear my voice again. Several calls later and 20 minutes into the call (on a Friday night), he mentions casually that he's married. It sounded like it caused him pain to say it.

I got off the phone with him and wondered what the hell I ws doing anyway. I don't feel he led me on, I just didn't think I'd still had any feelings for him still.