How To Slam Your Ex On National TV And Look Like A Total Asshole

Ever worry about what your exes say about you? Well, if they're conservative commentators (with no filter) they might say it on TV!

Blogger Todd Seavey and National Review Associate Editor Helen Rittelmeyer appeared on a C-SPAN panel with Jonah Goldberg to discuss his book Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation (which includes, among other essays, Katherine Miller's anti-scarf man-ifesto). This clip from their conversation starts out conventionally enough with some boilerplate about how liberals don't know stuff, progresses into good-natured sparring, and then swiftly descends into the realm of the totally fucked-up. Watch as Seavey basically accuses Rittelmeyer of being evil, then backs it up by saying that he used to date her, and boy did she get around:

Seavey's claim that Rittelmeyer may have dated some other people in the audience seems kind of implausible, since there are only about twelve people in attendance — and the whole clip is all the more disturbing for lacking the benefit of any sort of professional production values. I guess it might've been more embarrassing to have your personal life aired on Fox, but at least they have decent lighting. It's a shame the clip cuts off where it does, though, because Rittelmeyer actually has a pretty on-point rebuttal. To Seavey's question, "what is it you don't want people to do to each other, what sort of evils are beyond the pale," she responds (at around 45:00), "I don't know, spilling your heart on C-SPAN?"


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No offense to vampires, but I will be wearing a necklace of garlic to repel all three of these people.