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How to Play a Live, Refreshing Version of Fruit Ninja This Summer

Illustration for article titled How to Play a Live, Refreshing Version of Fruit Ninja This Summer

Love Them Madly blogger Jodie has two sons, and they have have limited screen and video game time — "especially this time of year." She writes: "We love Fruit Ninja, but bringing the game to life was a fun way to get my kids to put down the iPhone for some good outdoor summer fun."


On her blog, she offers instructions for setting up a "live" version of Fruit Ninja using water balloons and a toy sword:

As [my son] envisioned, we tried taking turns tossing the balloons in the air, for the other to try to pierce in the air. Our plastic sword did not have the desired impact on airborne balloons, so we hung the balloons from white plastic chain-link strung between two columns. This part of the set-up took the most patience.

Once we hung a few balloons, each Ninja had sixty seconds to knock down as many "fruits" as possible. This part was fast and fun!


Splashy! Love it. Now can someone work on a live version of Bejeweled?

Fruit Ninja – Live [Love Them Madly]

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barelylethal: shitass

My boyfriend and I got Fruit Ninja for the Kinect and LOVE IT. We may be doing this in our backyard area this summer.