The only time we've felt penis envy is while peeing at, you know, rock festivals or in campgrounds or any place where there are 1) no bathrooms or 2) disgusting PortaPotties. But we've just learned about the existence of the The P-Mate, a simple, ingenious little waxed-paper device designed to allow women to urinate while standing up and while wearing pants, skirts, dresses... whatever. Think of it as a lime-green colored surrogate penis that resembles a paper airplane. Anyway, lucky for us, a blogger named Rachel Walden gave the P-Mate a test drive, and conducted three tests โ€” in zippered jeans, a long skirt, and while drunk! โ€” and had a pretty easy time in each instance. In fact, mastering the point 'n shoot was easier than she thought it would be!

"I relaxed and thought of all the times I've seen men go, and that seemed to cause me to automatically assume the correct position," she writes. (According to the image above left, the "correct position" includes placing a manly-fist on one hip?) No word from Rachel, however, on whether the P-Mate demands an end of pee shake-off... and we've kinda always wanted to mimic that!
Pee Standing Up II: The P-Mate Product Review [Women's Health News]
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