How To Make Your "Viral Video" Relevant, One Cliche At A Time: Boobs

It's not that we disagree with the message of this Rock The Vote pro-health care reform video, however vague. It's that we wish they'd conveyed it with fewer forced, sexed-up cliches — cougars, tweeting, and "smoking hot Colombian chicks".

The video stars Eva Amurri (Californication) and Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), who gamely go through a parade of unfunny "solutions" to apathy about health care reform, each of which appears to be a desperate plea for relevancy, taken from someone's year-end list of what the young people are up to these days. Or maybe someone's idea of what the mythical frat boy wants.

At the end, an older idea — withholding sex to anyone who opposes health care reform — is thrown in for good measure. Updating Lysistrata to get the attention of millennials isn't original either. Back in 2004, Votergasm tried a similar trick to get young people to vote for John Kerry. Crappy video notwithstanding, let's hope the gimmick works better this time.

What Will You Do For Health Care? [Rock The Vote]

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Mireille is sensational, like a She-Hulk

25 seconds was all I could do. That first boob-squeeze not only made me want to not rock the vote, it made me want to polka my eyes out.