It's not that we disagree with the message of this Rock The Vote pro-health care reform video, however vague. It's that we wish they'd conveyed it with fewer forced, sexed-up cliches ‚ÄĒ cougars, tweeting, and "smoking hot Colombian chicks".

The video stars Eva Amurri (Californication) and Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights), who gamely go through a parade of unfunny "solutions" to apathy about health care reform, each of which appears to be a desperate plea for relevancy, taken from someone's year-end list of what the young people are up to these days. Or maybe someone's idea of what the mythical frat boy wants.

At the end, an older idea ‚ÄĒ withholding sex to anyone who opposes health care reform ‚ÄĒ is thrown in for good measure. Updating Lysistrata to get the attention of millennials isn't original either. Back in 2004, Votergasm tried a similar trick to get young people to vote for John Kerry. Crappy video notwithstanding, let's hope the gimmick works better this time.

What Will You Do For Health Care? [Rock The Vote]