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How To Make Crafts With Cat Hair

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Cat owners, while pulling hair from every item of clothing you own, did you ever think "this would make a great neckerchief"? I'm guessing no, but that is the theme of the book Cat Goods Made From Cat Hair, which MeMe Craftwork is selling on Etsy. The description reads:

Master Kaori Tsutaya has a great idea – use your cat hair and make cute items from it! You will learn from how to collect the hair to finish your product. This small book is full of fun.

According to Catsparella, which spotted the manuel:

The 79-page book, which is written in Japanese, has instructions on how to make cat puppets, book covers, bags, storage boxes, pin cushions, buttons, mittens, gloves, hats, and a neckerchief - All out of your own precious cat's discarded fur!


Catsparella has some shots of the crafts, including these book covers. Was something lost in translation, or is this really a sheet of cloth made out of cat hair?

Some of the site's commenters point out that this is no different from wearing wool, but I'm sticking with my irrational disdain for pet hair crafts. I've spent too much time trying to rid myself of cat hair to turn around and embrace the fur.

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