I love Entertainment Tonight and The Insider because they put the "sensational" in "sensationalism." The shiny graphics, fatuous tone, and intense focus on all matters trivial is so reminiscent of the TV shows in RoboCop. It's like, "Damn. Paul Verhoeven was right. This is what TV is like in the future." In the clip above, from last night's episode of ET, two models from the game show Deal or No Deal—you know, the chicks that hold the suitcases—don fat suits to find out how much it sucks to not be them for a day. For real, one of the girl cries when she looks at her fat-suited self in the mirror and repeatedly says, "That's not me!" In true ET style, the "undercover investigation" is an ongoing thing, that spans across episodes. Tonight, tune out as the girls find out what it feels like when fat people...go ice skating! I'd buy that for a dollar!