How to Give an 8-Year-Old an Eating Disorder

On last night's episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, one pageant mom admitted that she regularly puts her 8-year-old daughter Ever Rose on a calorie-counting diet leading up to competitions. There's nothing wrong with teaching your kid about making healthy food choices, but making a little girl so aware of her weight and inextricably linking it to her "beauty" for which she will be judged seems really troubling. But what's really fucked up is that while this kid is on a calorie-restrictive diet, her mother baked a pie and a cake the evening before the pageant, and then was a big concern troll over how much dessert her daughter was shoveling into her mouth. Creating such a confusing relationship with food for a little girl just seems like a recipe for disaster. When it was finally time for the pageant, Ever Rose had lost so much weight that her dress didn't fit. In the end, she didn't win the highest title, but she did win for most beautiful face.

But that's not even the worst of it. This other mom forced her 4-year-old to eat salads to get her to drop a few pounds in order for her to fit into her new dress. A 4-year-old!


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This all reminds me of Barbie's workout video from the early 90's.

[] never thought of this before, but why did Barbie have a workout video? I was dancing to this when I was FIVE because I thought it was fun, but now I think it's just plain stupid. My mom was worried I was doing it so much, but my intent wasn't to lose weight as a five-year-old.