How To Deal With The Wife Of Your Rock Star Crush

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We usually try to forget that Paul Westerberg is married, which is why we avoided this CNN story on his wife's apparently great new memoir Petal Pushers even though it has inexplicably been characterized as "popular" for the past 48 hours on, like, the biggest news website and, hello, this shouldn't even be a big deal in Minnesota right now. So anyway, we read it. And were confused. Do we like Laurie Lindeen despite the fact she is married to the frontman of our favorite band (and by "our," we guess we mean the 767 of you who clicked on this). Well, there's this.


Home life with Westerberg, who coaches son Johnny in baseball, is "swell," Lindeen says. "It hasn't always been. There's been a lot of challenges. But we're a family. And we are devoted to our son, and Paul's healthy right now. He quit drinking a couple of years ago — again — which was critical."

Which, despite the salient point that "drunk" is a fairly central component of Westerberg's charm, sounds like a perfectly honest, sad, courageous everyday place to be. In fact, she's honest about everything, including her really dumb personal reasons for disliking Liz Phair (Us: Three words — Hot White Cum*) and how she sometimes wishes she was divorced. And there's the fact she's a Libra, and so are we, although "well-balanced" is not how we'd preface our own-Libradom, though on the other hand, look at that, we managed to write a post about Paul Westerberg's P.G. Wodehouse-likened author wife without once softly moaning "OMG why herrrr?"

*Obvs we are not serious about disliking Liz Phair. We are actually listening to "Jealousy" right now. But we are thorougly sick of her personality. The end.

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Tommy...Tommy nearly wrested my besotted heart away from Paul when he made goo-goo eyes at me from the stage during their Milwaukee Eagles Club show, February 1991.

But not quite.