A group of artists have decided to hack the definition of marriage β€” one dictionary at a time.

An anonymous group of artists printed stickers with a new, better definition of marriage: β€œthe formal union of two people by which they become partners for life”, and then put used them to cover antiquated definitions in dictionaries around San Francisco. Buh-bye, "formal union of a man and woman by which they become husband and wife" and hello, progress, love, and equality.

Some people might complain about vandalism, but this is some Robin Hood shit, and I have no problem with that. In fact, if I bought an Oxford American Dictionary and it had this sticker in it β€” I'd be so stoked. How cool is that? Language evolution in motion. And if some bigot gets it β€” WELCOME TO REALITY, FRIEND.

If you're not in NYC and want to spread the love, you can download your own.

[HACKmarriage from Hack Marriage via Animal New York]