How To Be An It Girl: October Nylon Explains It All For You

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October plays host to Nylon's second annual "It Girl" Issue and the IG's in question are about what you'd expect: lots of rich children and models and well-dressed scenesters. "It Girl" is itself such an amorphous concept, we wondered, what does it even mean? Well, from examining the It Girls profiled within (Zooey Deschanel is the cover It Girl), here is what it takes:Be A Moddle: We use the term loosely, as almost every single one of the profiled Itties is, if not a professional model (Portia Freeman, Daisy Lowe, Coco Rocha) at least former (Alexa Chung)/aspiring(Isabelle McNally)/celeb-model hybrids (Teyana Taylor). Be Celeb Spawn: Again, defining "celebrity" loosely (the daughter of Elvis Costello's drummer, for instance), let's just say it apparently doesn't hurt to be connected. Both Geldof sisters are in here: nuff said. Date A Rocker: One of them is with an Arctic Monkey, Daisy Lowe is currently paired off with the way-senior Mark Ronson (although they broke up!), and Portia Freeman is rumored to be more than friends with Pete Doherty. Junkie=fab!!! Be A DJ:Next to moddle, "DJ" is the most popular non-career for an It Girl! See: Tennessee Thomas, Harley Viera-Newton. Sort-of acting (We're counting Cody Kennedy's turn on Gene Simmons Family Jewels) is also an acceptable mode of employment. If At All Possible, Be Under 20: It is highly desirable for an It-Girl to be obscenely young - like five of the fabs profiled here. Be Really, Really Rich:This is so you can talk idly about starting club nights, drop out of school, flit idly from career to career, and, you know, have time to be seen! In fact, great riches are an essential part of It Girl-ness, as they are essential to "not caring what people think" and "awesome style," the two criteria editor Marvin Scott Jarrett identifies in his intro. The one notable exception to these rules is designer Abigail Lorick, whose line is actually really, really good and who seems to really, you know, work on it. Quoth she, "I would hope that an It Girl would be a girl that is hardworking and inspires other young women to pursue whatever they want." So would we, Abigail. So would we. Nylon [Official Site] Related: We Want To See The Unedited Version Of Peaches Geldof's First Nylon Column


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Don't drag Zooey down with that mess! She's actually good at stuff.