Heartwarming holiday story! Remember the Bush family "pool boy", James Rasza? I brought him up this morning, but who really can claim to have short-term memory anymore? Anyway essentially he held a summer job maintaining the Ph levels and cleaning out the stuck hair of the pool at the official Bush family WASP-quarters in Kennebunkport, Maine, and for some reason a reporter took it upon himself to interview him only to find a venom-spewing, School of the Americas-referencing champion of the underclass.

Razsa recalls one day when former first lady Barbara Bush was on her way over, and it looked like there wouldn't be time to bring the pool's temperature up to her desired 82 degrees in time. The family's caretaker was in a panic, he says.
"He kept shouting, 'Barbara will go crazy! Barbara will go crazy!'" Razsa recalls. "This is the same woman who after Hurricane Katrina said (of the Houston Astrodome refugees), 'You know, they're underprivileged anyway, so this — this is working very well for them.'"

I know, I know, could the cockles get any toastier? It gets better.

Anyway, it happened that the poor uninsured pool boy's teeth were a wreck. He mentioned it in the stories, and a bunch of people swooped in to donate, but a friendly dentist in San Jose went the extra mile and invited James to come stay at his house for three days, and he would do all the work himself. See, the dentist's wife had had a stroke recently, and he was trying to reevaluate his life, and an act of charity just seemed like the right thing to do. And conservatives looove to say that liberals, like the Frenches, never give their money away and aren't generous but I didn't see the damn Bushes lining up to play tooth fairy here and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are our country's biggest givers and neither of them are Christian Rightists so fuck them, I say. And Merry Christmas!


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