34-year-old Emma Forrester changed her Facebook status to "single" a few days after her husband, Wayne, moved out. Wayne called Emma's parents to complain that Facebook "made her look like a fool," and shortly thereafter, Wayne stabbed Emma to death while the couple's two children were asleep. Obviously this is a tragic, crazily extreme case, and has much more to do with the fact that Wayne Forrester is an unhinged perpetrator of domestic violence than with Facebook. However, since social networking became popular five years ago, I've seen many instances where Facebook/Myspace/Friendster activity has caused strife and upset in relationships.How far into a relationship do you officially list "in a relationship"? What about if you break up โ€” do you switch to "it's complicated" or "single"? I know the easy answer is to just not list your relationship status altogether, but it's really annoying when you're single and you want to scope out a new prospect and you can't furtively figure out if they're looking to mingle or not. I went to a wedding recently where the couple was married on Sunday afternoon and when we returned from the festivities Sunday night, both bride and groom had updated their Facebook pages from "engaged" to "married." And it was creepy! Are there hard and fast rules when it comes to this sort of thing, or should it be taken on a case by case basis? Man Killed Wife In Facebook Row [BBC]