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How Should The Obama Daughters Be Dressed?

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Fashion-wise, American girls are careening between Meth Belly Pirate Slutoween costumes, bedazzled jean jackets worn with heels and blush and tramps-in-training T-shirts. Since Sasha and Maila Obama are about to become the most visible American girls in the world, WWD wonders, what should they wear?


The style bible asked several children's wear designers to imagine inauguration ensembles for the First Daughters. The styles range between colorful skirts and classic, full-skirted dresses — there's even a black velvet pinafore of sorts — but all of the sketches (except for the Bonnie Young evening gowns) seem rather old-fashioned.

Illustration for article titled How Should The Obama Daughters Be Dressed?

(At left, a design by Lucy Sykes; center, a dress by Olive Juice; right, coats by Best & Co.)

Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, are modern young ladies, not porcelain dolls. Yes, they should look classic, yes, they should look appropriate. But isn't there something antiquated or passé about a little girl in a dress with a Sound Of Music bow at the waist? Clearly, velour pants with "Juicy" emblazoned across the ass would not be appropriate. But. If their father is running on a platform of change, couldn't that be represented in Sasha and Malia's style?

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Erin Gloria Ryan

So they should dress like American Girl dolls, specifically Samantha Parkington?