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How Not To Look Old Author Doesn't Look Old, But She Does Look Stupid

Former Glamour and Shop, Etc. editor Charla Krupp was on the Today show this morning, shilling for her new book How Not To Look Old. In the above clip, Krupp encourages over 40-year-olds to look "young and hip" because otherwise, they'll get fired! "You have to look current to stay in your job today," Krupp says. "If you're wearing clothes that are dated, people are going to think your ideas are dated." But that's not all the knowledge Krupp's dropping. She also extols the virtues of Botox and other "injectibles" in a recent interview in Time. (Yes, Time. Her hubby works there!) In addition to getting botulism injected into your face, according to Krupp, "the other thing that [boomers] really need to do is color our hair." Man, someone should tell Meryl Streep she's looking like a real ancient fool in Devil Wears Prada with that hideous white hair! Horrors!


How Not To Look Old: Author Charla Krupp [Time]

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@mova: Definitely got less respect when I was younger. Also got called "sweetie" by everyone on the planet. I like looking a little older. I don't want to dress like my daughter, and women who try look stupid and desperate.