How Much Is Anne Hathaway Paying Rachel Zoe For Oscars Styling? A Lot.

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  • Anne Hathaway is working with her regular stylist, Rachel Zoe, for the Oscars. How much is Zoe charging to outfit host Hathaway through a zillion changes? No figure is named, unfortunately, but according to "sources" Zoe's fee is "astronomical." [THR]
  • Urgent Oscar fashion update from Helena Bonham Carter: "I can suddenly go off piste," warns the actress. "But we'll wait and see. And quite frankly, as my boyfriend knows, it's right up to the last minute it can go wrong at any time." What will she be wearing? "It's a mystery to me at this point." Bonham Carter, however, promises to don "same-colored shoes." [Telegraph]
  • Jamie Hince allegedly proposed to Kate Moss, as you may recall. Allegedly, she accepted, and the ring he allegedly proposed with, and which Moss is now wearing on that finger, was inspired by one owned by Zelda Fitzgerald. Allegedly, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince share a favorite book in The Beautiful and the Damned, and allegedly, Hince first tried to obtain an antique ring actually owned by Zelda F.; allegedly, he failed in this quest, so allegedly had a reproduction made. As much fun as it is to imagine Kate Moss and Jamie Hince having all-night Zelda and F. Scott reading parties, bonding over green lights and the like, hello — we know for a fact Kate Moss's favorite book is Geek Love. [ContactMusic]
  • Kate Moss wears black winged eyeliner and super pink lipstick in her first Dior Addict ad. [TLF]
  • Aishwariya Rai wears a truly impressive and extravagantly feathered Roksanda Ilincic coat on the cover of Vogue India. [JustJared]
  • Heidi Klum says her inevitable forthcoming namesake fashion line is intended to provide women with "classic" "staple pieces," those "perfect basics" that make life run smoothly. [ContactMusic]
  • Emmanuelle Alt says she has no grand plans to reinvent Vogue Paris. She instead envisions gradual changes, like introducing more beauty stories and more lifestyle pieces. "I want to keep the quality, the photographers we work with — David [Sims], Mert and Marcus, Mario [Testino], and Bruce Weber. I don't think there should be radical changes. The magazine should still be chic and sophisticated. It's a bit like buying an apartment: Before you move in, you have all these plans of what you are going to do, but then you get there, and you realize it is better to spend time living in it, and transforming it over time." [Vogue]
  • U.K. chain Debenhams has three new designer collaborations launching this week — one from Preen, one from Jonathan Kelsey, and one from Jonathan Saunders. The lines will be presented under the name "Debenhams Designer Edition" and each designer will stick around through four collections. [Vogue UK]
  • Apparently, Geri Halliwell is unsatisfied with the title Best Spice Girl Of All Time, and wants to become the Best Swimwear Designer Of All Time. She says her swimwear line will be flattering to all women who wear it. All women who wear swimsuits immediately replied, "Wow, we've never heard that before." [ContactMusic]
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld: "Wrinkles can be beautiful. They're part of who you are, your charm and your history. And I'm not for plastic surgery — I'd feel like I was cheating on myself." Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is 30. [TheFrisky]
  • Don't expect a cash-in signature scent from Adriana Lima anytime soon: the supermodel says the sexiest smell a human can have is "the smell of skin." [ContactMusic]
  • Rodarte's collection for Opening Ceremony goes on sale today. [WWD]
  • Add Louise Goldin's name to the list of U.K. designers working outside their home country. Goldin is showing her latest collection in New York, and indicates in this interview that the move may be permanent. London's loss is New York's gain. [Vogue UK]
  • Dubai-based Paris Group has acquired Gianfranco Ferré. [WWD]
  • Cameron Alborzian was a successful male model in the 1980s and 90s. (You may remember him from such Versace ads as "Man Holds Large Ball" and "Man Stands In Front Of Large Ball"!) In 1998, he decided to stop. "I was in Nelson Mandela's house in South Africa. Naomi Campbell was there, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Christy Turlington: the whole crew. It wasn't like a light bulb moment. It was more of, ‘Ah, this is really good, and it's not going to get better than this.' I thought, ‘Fashion will kick you out at some point, anyway. This is a good time to go off and find my path.'" Now he is an ayurvedic cuisine guru. [NYTimes]
  • MAC & Milk, the New York fashion week satellite production that mounts shows including Costello Tagliapietra and Vena Cava, is expanding its roster significantly again this season. There have been rumors for a while that IMG, which runs the larger Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that takes place at Lincoln Center, is interested in entering into some kind of partnership, or even in acquiring MAC & Milk. Neither MAC & Milk nor IMG would comment on those rumors for Women's Wear Daily. [WWD]
  • In London, Anthropologie is opening a store just for its shoes. [Telegraph]
  • Levi's fourth quarter profits were up 28% over last year's. [WWD]
  • At long last, gender parity: Levi's is now selling an "Ex-Girlfriend Jean" targeted at men. Imagine if you were walking down the street and you were wearing your Levi's Boyfriend Jeans and he was wearing his Levi's Ex-Girlfriend Jeans. That would be, like, really ironic, right? Unless you'd have to break up first. Hmm. [Official Site]
  • Forget the fourth dimension. Levi's has added a Fourth Curve to its much-trumpeted Curve ID fit system, which grades some styles of jeans not only by size, but by body shape. Now, you can be not just a Slight Curve, a Demi Curve, or a Bold Curve, ladies — you can also shop for Levi's if you are a Supreme Curve. [Fashionista]
  • Leandra Medine, the great mind behind the blog Man Repeller, is in today's New York Post. [NYPost]
  • Tumblr, that blogging platform thing, managed to snag 24 tickets to Oscar de la Renta, which was our favorite New York show pretty much ever, that one time we managed to sneak in. This season, we couldn't get a one. [WSJ]
  • Katie Couric interviewed Tavi Gevinson for her Glamour column. Sample:
    KATIE COURIC: "What do you say to those who question whether a teenage girl can write as well as you do [and] produce the quality of work that you're doing?"
    TAVI GEVINSON: "Uh, google it. [Laughs.] I don't know. People pretty much, once we've met, don't doubt that I write it. Especially once they've met my parents, because my mom is, like, this drumming, tapestry-weaving hippie, and then my dad is a retired English teacher who's, I don't know, enjoying all of his, like, Saul Bellow right now." [Glamour via Racked]
  • Designer Nary Manivong, whose troubled adolescence (he and his siblings were abandoned by their parents at age 14, and were intermittently homeless) and emergence in the New York fashion world is the subject of a new documentary, says that it was "therapeutic" to talk about his life on camera. "Being able to share my story was incredibly important to me, and hopefully helpful to people experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty." [NYDN]
  • Model Sophie Srej is blogging about her fashion week for IMG's website. A sample: "My day started little late.. i mean i was supposed to have breakfast with my friend at 9 15 am but..then she said she cannot wait anymore..i said why? its only 9 am.. are u kidding me ?? and she said: no its 9 24 am !! :D i said: uh-uh thats impossible because my phone is good !! she said yes it was 9 30 am already and im late…so we met at the agency, we both had things to do there and i love IMG office i would hang out there all the time :D:D its soo large and light and the people are soo cool :)" [Sophie's Blog]
  • The Times has a neat, if incomplete, roundup of where to stream certain New York fashion week shows from your very own laptop/Internet-enabled mobile device. Of course, you can also say 'Kthanxbai' to glitchy videos and slow connection speeds, and let yours truly trudge through the wintry mix and brave the queues to bring you back the freshest, steaming gossip and news and reviews and slideshows and interviews and tidbits about shoes that you ever did consume via blog. Really, the choice is yours. [NYTimes]



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