How Much Did Kim Kardashian REALLY Work on Her Damn Game?

Sometimes, while waiting for my energy to return so I can complete a high-profile national ad campaign at PopGlam, I wonder: How much does Kim Kardashian actually have to do with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Are we talking some straightforward licensing deal, or what?

The Wall Street Journal investigated this very pressing question, for those bored while awaiting Simon's call to start their latest D-Lish appearance. They spoke to Niccolo De Masi, the CEO of Glu, the company that actually produced the game (and is reaping the rewards). He says she was TOTALLY involved and TOTALLY great to work with. Kim is great! We love Kim! Kim is a genius! Literally cannot say enough nice things about Kim!

"She and I probably exchanged three emails a day and chat weekly. She's approved every item of clothing [used in the game], we discuss features, we discuss events, updates, etcetera. She's reviewed all the [production] milestones, from alpha to beta, final gold master. It was something she caught on quite quickly – the power of her brand and social following would probably be a really good fit with this type of game."


Three times a day? THREE TIMES A DAY? Yeah, I'm not going to believe that unless somebody leaks several months of correspondence. Surely she is busy tanning and also riding around in SUVs having staged conversations with her mom for upcoming episodes of KUWTK. (Kim's people did not respond to the Journal's interview request.)

And frankly, I hope Kim Kardashian isn't wasting her time on piddly low-level nonsense like virtual t-shirts. Bosses delegate. When you're half of #theworldsmosttalkedaboutcouple, you agree to promote via your Instagram account and that's it.

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