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How Marc Jacobs Came To Be The Most Reviled Man On Earth

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Here's how it started: about 18 years ago a bunch of people were sitting around watching Full House and the thought occurred to one of them: that Stephanie Tanner is dressed so trashy, she looks like she's on the fast track to a trailer park and a meth habit! And what seems so glaringly obvious today dawned upon everyone in the room: the era of neon and spandex and bicycle shorts and perms and shoulder pads and Jem dolls Had. To. End. Seriously, anything would be better. Your dad's flannel pajama top would be better. That moth-eaten Goodwill sweater your brother mowed the lawn in would be better.


Anyway, a few years later this thought dawned on Marc Jacobs, a precocious young designer with Axl Rose hair, and, as usual with fundamentally "anti-fashion" fashion trends, he tried to co-opt it for the fashion industry, and designed a "Grunge" collection for Perry Ellis. I know, it's hard to believe now, but that was actually the type of thing that could still get you hated in the nineties. But there was no Rachel Zoe! No Sienna Miller! No nine different lines of Olsen Twin-branded clothing! So around 2005 Marc Jacobs realized he had to step up his game...

He started shrieking in public all the time! And loudly dissing John Galliano to his trainer at the gym. And posing for Harper's Bazaar in a tutu with an insane bitch who has been charged with no fewer than five vicious attacks on women who work for her. Then he posed NUDE!! He got a drug addiction! He designed some really hideous garments to distract people from the wads of cash he was raking in recycling some of the safer elements of"grunge," and even used himself as a guinea pig for recycling the Manic Panic trend. And most formidably, he got really thin.


And today he got what he wanted: a story in the New York Times about how hated he is. Oh my god, so many haters. Because he is so "controversial"! But the thing is?

I just can't get it up to hate him. Can you? Not to accuse this story of being the work of, you know, a lamestain, but. Meh. It's like, you know? The nineties are over. People hated Bill Clinton then, too.

Loving And Hating Marc Jacobs [NY Times]

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Hell on Heels

@FancyInk: Also, his clothes - Marc by Marc at least - fall apart. I've had to bust out my high school clothing construction skills on almost every piece of his I own. Pain in the ass, especially considering what they cost...