How Many Times Can Kelly Bensimon Say The Word 'Hot' In a Single Interview?

Real Housewife and Grade A Coconut Kelly Bensimon stopped by today's Good Morning America to discuss her new lifestyle book I Can Make You Hot ("Tappity tappity tappity. SCREECH." - the sound of you running out of the house and peeling out of the driveway to get to the bookstore ASAP.)

While there, Bensimon shared some of her always inane nonsensical helpful insights. For example, did you know that "midwestern raw values" are all about encouraging people to "take care of themselves and to have self-respect"? (In the heartland this is "raw.") Or that it's crazy to cut out carbs from your diet, but totally reasonable to cut out all oil, salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol?


Kiks also does a pretty good job of breaking down what's hot and what's not. Wanting to lose 10 pounds? NOT HOT. Wanting to lose 5? HOT. Waking up like a supermodel? I don't know what this even means, but I do know, thanks to Kelly, that it is NOT HOT. You want to wake up looking like a rock star — just ask these guys.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon's Supermodel Diet Revealed in New Book [GMA]

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