How Many "Crazy Girls" Are Really Wandering This Earth Anyway?

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Here's a little story about an exception that proves the rule: Susan Monica Kriss, 23, was arraigned today on charges she falsely accused a man of hatching a plot with Al Qaeda to hijack a plane to Egypt. The guy turned out to be Susan's ex-boyfriend; Egypt was where he planned to marry another girl. Pretty crazy, right? Yeah, she crazy. But is "Crazy Girl" really a type? The latest Details claims she is. "She may have taken the form of the smoky-eyed goth brooder, the tortured heiress, or the unhinged sorority girl. Whatever her identity, chances are she was intoxicatingly sexy, intense, unstable, mercurial, and impossible to be at ease around in social settings. She was completely and debilitatingly exhausting." Hmmmm. Okay, but how may girls are really like that? Aren't most of them going through a phase? Or acting out in response to dudes who, in the word of one "Crazy Girl"-holic, look at a girl with dark eyeliner and see "a little wounded bird"? Still, I'm sick of blaming dudes for everything all of a sudden.


(Not forever. Just for today!) Who are these crazy girls? I have some friends who have gone through crazy phases — but now they're normal. (Thank God.) Am I crazy? Aren't a lot of "crazy girl" attributes — spontaneity, playfulness, liking dirty sex, delusions of grandeur — really just normal dude things? Yes. I guess it is fairly easy to earn the designation of "crazy" when you're not the gender that gave the world Hitler/Rasputin/Mao/ Kim Il-Sung/ Sapurmurat Niyazov or Osama Bin Laden. Um, I guess that means we're lucky!

Why Can't You Resist This Woman? [Details]



I just need to say, thank you for covering this topic. It's something I've been contemplating for several weeks now, and you have no idea what it means to me that so many of y'all get there's a difference.