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Snooki Loves Gay People So Much that She's Praying for a Gay Son

Illustration for article titled Snooki Loves Gay People So Much that Shes Praying for a Gay Son

Snooki and JWoww appeared at a fundraiser for the Trevor Project and talked about how committed they are to LGBT rights. So committed, in fact, that Snooki is "praying" that she gives birth to a gay son someday. Because nothing says "super committed to equality" like treating a human baby like a fashion accessory. But I'm sure she means well. So...little gay baby steps, I guess.

"Me and Jenni weren't exactly the best role models," the reality star admitted. "But now that I'm a mom, I'm so grateful for The Trevor Project to support the LGBT youth so they have someone there for them because I'm praying I have a gay little boy one day."

Polizzi, 25, gave birth to her first son, Lorenzo, in August last year. She confessed that motherhood has changed her instincts.

..."We're huge supporters of the LGBT community…so we would do anything to help them and protect them," Farley said. "We feel like moms when it comes to our gays — we really do."


"Our gays." Barf. (Gay baby steps. Gay baby steps.) [NYDN]

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How lovely that you'd like your son flaming, Snooki.

You first.

I'M SORRY I AM NOT ACTUALLY ADVOCATING BURNING SNOOKI. It's just that fetishization of gay males as trendy accessories and the erasure of the idea of little gay girls (or bisexual children, or transgender children, or etcetcetc) makes me Wednesday-Addams-levels of homicidal. Also, I wanted an excuse to use that gif.

You are not my mother, Snooki - thank Cthulu - and I am not "your gay." You don't own the fucking community. Kathy Griffin can't even get away with that shit, and you definitely can't. I am so, so tired of something stupid like this constantly happening. Why the hell would you pray for your son being gay? Why would you force that on him? Why would you want that? Seriously. To clarify: there's nothing wrong with being gay. There is so much wrong with how society reacts to being gay. If I was given the choice... I'd like to stay I'd still choose liking girls. But life would be a lot easier if I didn't. I would've been able to get Confirmed without a big hassle, I might still be Catholic, I'd not have been bullied so terribly in my first two years of high school, I wouldn't have gone through the phase of my life where I hated myself and wanted to kill myself for same-sex attraction, I would never have had to go through the whole coming-out ordeal, I wouldn't have to fret about my state not having policies that protect people from losing employment due to sexual orientation or getting thrown out of restaurants because I'm taking a lady out to dinner instead of a gentleman (no protection in my state against that either)... Snooki, if you have a gay kid, fuckin' great. Good. Awesome. But recognize that you're praying for a lot more than a son who takes that cute Jared down the block to Prom.