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How Long Shoud You Be Together Before You Have A "Holidate"?

Illustration for article titled How Long Shoud You Be Together Before You Have A Holidate?

According to the LA Times, Mandy Gresh, 28, and her boyfriend decided to go on a little vacation to Quebec City. She booked plane tickets and a hotel room for a four-day weekend. Sounds great, right? Well, Mandy and her boyfriend had been together for six weeks. Mandy tells the paper: "I was like, 'Oh my god, the trip is as far away as we've been dating. Hopefully nothing goes wrong in the next month because we're both going to be out a lot of money!'" Guess what? Mandy and her man had a great time, and they're not the only ones who are into the idea of the "holidate." A recent poll revealed that 50% of men and 41% of women said they would take a trip within the first two months of dating. Um, is it me or is that just not enough time? I bought a pair of shoes 2 months ago and I still don't know if I want to keep them. Lord knows I wouldn't take 'em on vacation. In Canada.


But apparently the "holidate" is all the rage. Fairmont, a luxury chain of hotels, has packages designed for new couples — including "icebreaker" specials. Nothing says "I'd like to get to know you better" like a quick trip to the Caribbean! Here's the thing: Traveling is tricky business. Traffic sucks, gas is expensive, airports are hellish, hotel rooms can be cramped. Yeah, yeah, I know, you love adventure! And you love your new guy! Trust: A missed connecting flight or a wrong turn on a thruway can bring out the beast, turning your dream man into a nightmare. And that's just getting there. Wait until you're both tired and sunburned with morning breath and diarrhea and someone's disgusting bathroom habits and inability to read a map surface. No, seriously: Going away with a dude is totally romantic. Or at least, it can be. But is it a good idea to travel with someone you've been dating for six weeks? Are you asking for trouble? Is it an expensive "road test"? And how long should you be dating someone before you "holidate" together? (Not an overnight tip, not a weekend trip. A long weekend trip, a few hundred miles out of town. Three nights, minimum.)


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Giving New Relationships The Road Test [LA Times]

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How about not going away with a man until he MAKES YOU HIS WIFE and you can actually hold your head up high and look your grandmother in the eye? Hmmm? You JEZEBELS! (Heh heh heh...)

I started off my relationship with my husband long-distance, so every time we saw each other for the first, like, year and a half was a holidate.

When I was 20 or so, I went on a vacation with my best friend, a guy. When my grandfather told people about it, my grandma says, he would say "LaComtesse is going on vacation with her friend, Brian. Two beds, though!" Which was true... but we were still sleeping together at that point.