A British woman named Nicky Taylor β€” like millions of women β€” had a morning hygiene routine going on. Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, moisturizer, toothpaste, mouthwash, anti-aging serum, make-up, hair get, deodorant and perfume. She used skin creams at night as well. In fact, she had so much in her bathroom cabinet that something would fall out and hit her in the head every time she opened the door. "I was guilty of beauty product gluttony," she admits.

"Then, one evening earlier this year, I sat down and read the labels of everything I used and worked out I was applying more than 200 different chemicals to my body each day. These are said to be safe, but what is not known is the effect that the 'cocktail' of chemicals is having on our bodies."

So for 40 days and 40 nights, Nicky, 42, tried living without her cleansing regimen. No showers, no hair washing, no teeth cleaning, no deodorant. No makeup or hair styling products β€” and just three outfits: workout clothes, jeans and T-shirt, summer dress. The not showering part was tough, since Nicky runs every morning. She claims her hair "turned into a bird's nest."

Says Nicky, "I was only four days in and I felt so unpleasant all over that I wanted to quit." But she stuck with it. And surprisingly, she claims it wasn't so bad! "Despite not having washed my face for a month β€” my skin looked fresher and brighter than it had for a decade." Now, post-experiment, Nicky is down to "a bar of soap, organic shampoo and conditioner, and a basic moisturizer." And of course, since Nicky makes TV documentaries, her saga will be aired on BBC3.


We're not especially "product junkies" like some of our friends, but we just don't feel right unless, at the very least, we brush our teeth and wash our face in the morning (sometimes passing out unwashed at night is one of the pleasures of being a grown-up.) But we started wondering how long we could go without our regimen. And then we decided, since the BBC isn't gonna air it, we don't really need to find out.

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