How Does Tanya Stay So Un-Chubko?

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Not everyone fasts through Fashion Week, discovers the New York Observer's Spencer Morgan, who hung out this week with a group of mostly teenage, mostly former Soviet-bloc teenage models in town to walk runways — and binge on America's most carblicious delights. In one brief scene, the word "chocolate" is mentioned eight times, with three mentions of ice cream, and one each of Twix, cookies, Big Macs and Starbucks sandwiches. You say the the cocaine/champagne diet is still the norm for models??? Don't tell that to Tanya Chubko!

"I love New York, it's totally my city," she continued. "It's not about clubbing or drinking, it's all about people around you. Even on the street eating ice cream, you can have more fun than going to club getting drunk."


Where do they find these people?

Funny you should ask! Tanya Chubko hails from Stryi in the Lviv Oblast of the Ukraine. When Ms. Chubko was a freshman in high school, the Lviv Oblast's harvests fared the worst of all the Oblasts's harvests in the Ukraine. So, um, yeah, malnourishment may be how that happened. Too bad it's too late for us!


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my childhood bff was one of these bitches that could eat the whole world and not gain an ounce—in high school she was 5'8", 100 pounds. but, @BiscuitDoughJones: as usual, you are so right.

there are tons of skinny people that can eat all kinds of junk—and i do believe that these girls are eating—but, just because you can eat it, doesn't mean that you should. even if it doesnt make you fat, when one is filling their body with 'empty calories', chemicals, preservatives and fat they are destroying their body. just look up the studies done on 'skinny fat people'. instead of getting fat on the outside, these people stay outwardly thin while filling the inside of their bodies (around the organs) with fat, and clogging their arteries. this is much more detrimental to one's health than having thunder thighs. it sad really, these girls are just kids who have been taken away from home (and their mom's cooking), and they don't know how to feed themselves