How Do You Make It On To Project Runway If You Can't Make Pants?

Last night's Project Runway was essentially a slow descent into madness. Designing a look for former football star/current Today show correspondent Tiki Barber to wear on air. But when Tiki's clearly domineering wife showed up to critique the designers while they worked, all hell broke loose. Not only did the designers not know how to design pants, most of them were too busy ogling the male models brought in for the challenge.

Carmen ultimately proved to be the challenge's loser; not only could she not make pants, she couldn't make a shirt either. (She exited giving some bullshit speech about how at least she is going out showing great "integrity" for menswear. Um, she does know she failed to actually make any garments, right?)

The real stand-out this week was ethereal gay Steven, who is slowly emerging as the hauntingly witty narrator/soothsayer of the season. His comparison of the mood in the design room to the Titanic was amazingly accurate.

Here are our burning questions after this week's episode:
Why is Nina now greeting the designers every week with an icy "Hola"? We know she is from Colombia (even though she does speak with an inscrutable, ambiguous Eastern European accent), but really — where does this come from? Is she trying to render herself as the token minority judge? Display the same futility also seen in Bill Richardson in trying to win over the Hispanic vote?


Why did Tim Gunn laugh maniacally when Fat Chris said, "Do you like hot pants?" when they were at Mood? Is there something we should know about Tim and hot pants?

Most importantly: How did any of these bitches make it on Project Runway if they can't even make a pair of fucking pants?

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