Last night's Project Runway was full of surprises that weren't exactly surprising. HIV+ Hot Jack came down with a highly contagious staph infection in his face, and ultimately felt it was best for his own health and the health of his Runway colleagues for him to leave the competition and seek medical treatment. So Jack cried and left, and Tim cried, and all the designers cried. But then Tim announced that since Jack had to leave, Chris March (aka Fat Chris) would be brought back! And then everyone was happy again, except for Chris, who had to stay up all night to get his garment done so that he would have the same amount of the time as the other designers for the challenge (which was, incidentally, designing new clothes for women who had lost hundreds of lbs). Tim, who seems to be developing some sort of strange not-flirtation with Fat Chris, advised Mr. March not to let his all-nighter lead him to bad judgment. Clip above.


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