How Do You Care For the Hair Down There?

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With summer already here, some of us are heading for a change in pubic hair maintenance procedures, bringing on yet another existential crisis — do we do it for men, for ourselves or, like so much other fashion, for other women? I survey the other Jezebel editors, my (straight) guy friends unlucky enough to be logged on when it occurred to me to ask and put in a plug for an ex with a preference and a steady hand after the jump.

I go back and forth about shaving, but I understand I'm blonde and fine-haired so my opinion is of little relevance to the general population. But, my regimen is: shave my legs when they're noticeably hairy (which is to say, it's long enough to see actual legitimate hairs) and trim the pubes with a beard trimmer when they get long enough to annoy me. That's right, I said beard trimmer. It takes it down to like a quarter of an inch in under two minutes and it's impossible to cut myself; it doesn't itch when it grows back; and I don't get ingrown hairs or razor burn. I switched to a beard trimmer after shaving the whole thing for the better part of a year, which resulted in razor burn, ingrown hairs, insane itching when I was lax on maintenance (and I was always lax on maintenance) and the uncomfortable feeling that any guy who was really interested in seeing it hairless was, at best, a little creepy. The one exception was a particular ex (now married, so I won't reveal his name) who used to shave it for me but leave a landing strip. I'd just lie back on the bed once a week, he'd shave it, clean it up, uh, you know, stay down there for a bit and we'd go to sleep, it was very relaxing.

On the other hand, one Jezzie gets regularly waxed but not to the point of pre-pubescent hairlessness; another only does in the summer; a third waxes the edges for the summer and goes "retrobush" otherwise (and good for her!); and the final sticks with "incredibly halfhearted shaving and trimming when I can find an implement." I know what she's getting for her birthday this year!


There is, however, a near-universal dudely opposition to the full wax job but in favor of some maintenance — only one guy and, as it happens, the youngest of the bunch even expressed a remote preference for the landing strip look. As one friend with a lucky girlfriend said, "I prefer a regular trim because it makes it easier to perform oral. I like cunnilingus but don't like hair in the way," and maintained but natural-looking seemed to be the word of the day. In the end, though, they all more or less agreed with Spencer who said "i would truly not feel comfortable telling someone else what kind of shaving regimen she should have — it's like telling a girl to diet, in my mind. not appropriate."

If that's the case, though, why the fuss? Why the pulling and ripping of hairs in the pursuit of something that most guys don't really seem to give a shit about anyway? Is it really just that we're told we ought to look like that, like looking like that, that men prefer we look like that? Because, really, why would a guy care if he's about to get laid?

[Side note: I've dated guys who shaved everything below the navel. Freaks my shit out every time.]

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I went to the beach this weekend and went to a new waxer (my regular lady had a full book and I needed a wax right away) for my usual: the sides, the under (y'know, so it's clean), but nothing major. This lady didn't listen and NOW I AM HAIRLESS.

I really, REALLY don't like. I hate the idea that naked I look prepubescent. Especially since, as a C-cup, I don't look prepubescent from the waist up. Now I just have to wait a few weeks for it to grow back and then get an appointment for my regular old bikini wax.