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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

How Do These Shits Get Their Wives To Come To The "I Am A Shit" Press Conference Anyway, And Other Marvels

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • Emperor's Club Client #9, you are a fucking tool. Clients #1-8 are also tools, but thanks to your long history of strident self-righteousness towards the types of dudes who can afford shit that costs $31,000 a day, you are surely the biggest, and your vague, meager non-resignation speech betrays virtually no appreciation of this fact. [NYT]
  • At five grand an hour, you'd think Kristen could afford to feed herself...Spitzer met the 5'5, 105-pound call girl the night before Valentine's Day, in Washington D.C. [NYT]
  • "As a person of immense financial and influential affluence, your privacy is sacred to all aspects of your life. As a private, international club specializing in catering to the needs of the worlds most financially and culturally elite, privacy and discretion are paramount objectives in everything we do..." And more on the high-class prostitution ring busted last week. [Huffington Post]
  • "Where did this sense of self-regard come from? Spitzer is the scion of a family made wealthy by real estate investments...many others have emerged from similarly privileged backgrounds without experiencing the ego inflation that fueled Spitzer's reckless self-regard." [Dealbreaker]
  • So, would you guys accompany the bastard to the "I'm a fucking bastard" press conference? Vote here! [Slate]
  • And, about that men as worthless slaves to gonads with no self-control thing...good for Hillary because she's not one, or bad because she enabled one? Debate here. [Wash Post]
  • The only remotely inspiring thing about all this: David Paterson, the lieutenant governor who will replace Spitzer if he resigns, was born legally blind. [Radar]
  • Obama's sleazy pastor's pro-Obama sermons may violate tax law. [WSJ]
  • Hillary supporter Geraldine Ferraro on how black men have it so easy... [Daily Breeze]