How Dennis Kucinich Landed Smoking Hot Liz, In 8 Minutes!

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Elizabeth Kucinich dishes to MSNBC today about how it exactly happened that she got engaged to neo-Nader presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich the second time they met.

He was my man. I mean, really. Eight-minute meeting on monetary policy, and just as soon as I met him, I knew. I saw him and knew that he was the one.


Okay, the tough part here is that you want to make a joke about Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell, and how Alan Greenspan likes his policy tight and disciplined, whereas Dennis likes his loose because he doesn't shy away from a little inflation, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to spend time Googling to make sure those jokes actually work when even the five of you who would actually get them are probably thinking, get to the point already; one of the most hottest chicks alive got engaged to a tiny old batshit congressman from Ohio the SECOND TIME THEY MET.

Which brings me to the important part: isn't there something a little inherently nuts about that "love at first sight" thing? Once I was at a horrible Hamptons fashion show held exclusively for "tastemakers" sponsored by about fifty corporations when a skinny ex-pro skateboarder offered me a swig of his tequila and pronounced the whole scene "late capitalism" and I totally imagined for the next three weeks that I was going to end up having his babies but he never so much as answered my MySpace request. Tracie met a cute guy at a trashy ravey club in London and fell in love when she checked out his ass to find a Toni Morrison book hanging out of his back pocket ("no one at that club read") — she spent the next six years trying to make it work. Clearly when you meet someone in the middle of your old, dry, mindless, numbing boring-ass cynicism-fraught context that OMG believes the same shit you do, it's totally amazing and hot! So um: I think we can safely say Elizabeth, too, has seen UFOs.

Elizabeth Kucinich: Unconventional Political Wife [MSNBC]



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