How Are You Celebrating Vasectomy Season?

With all the talk of lady contraception, we almost forgot that some guys also take steps to keep from making babies—and it turns out this month is a popular time for dudes to get that vasectomy they've been wanting. You see, there's a little basketball tournament called March Madness happening at the moment, and it seems many guys like to get their surgery taken care of now, so they can take advantage of the several days required recovery by sitting on the couch and watching the NCAA games. As one urology practice in Virginia put it on their scary-sounding website, "[S]pend three days on the couch watching hoops with your wife's approval." Yes, because if you hadn't had your scrotum sliced open, no women in her right mind would ever let you watch sports for three whole days...


So is vasectomy madness actually a thing? Well, the Cleveland Clinic, for one, reports their procedures are up this time of year, and plenty of other clinics are using it as a marketing opportunity. If the man in your life is lucky enough to live on or near Cape Cod, he could even get a pizza free with the procedure, as the above video reveals. This all sounds very nice for the men in need of a little snip-snip, but imagine what would happen if a clinic promoted any kind of birth control season for women. Conservatives would be outraged before the url could even be registered. And, though ladies love pizza as much as anyone, you don't see anybody handing us free pies with purchase of a diaphragm or birth control pills. Harumph. Well, at the very least, you can console yourself with our Sex vs. Chocolate March Madness tournament. And if you've been wanting your gentleman friend to get a vasectomy, this could be the encouragement he needs to take the plunge—and maybe if you're really nice to him, he'll even share some of his pizza with you.

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i cannot explain how very happy this makes me. i have THE utmost respect for a dude who understands the shear financial responsibility of having a child (whether first child or otherwise) as well as understanding how truly horrible hormonal birth control can be for some women. I've gone out with not one but TWO said gentleman (though one was an asshole otherwise), who put sperm in cryo bank and then got vasectomies accordingly at age 23 and 28 respectively - neither had fathered children prior.

If you cannot afford to pay cryo rental for sperm - which is, by far, much, much less than the cost of a child - than perhaps you should reconsider having a child - at least that is my own logical thinking.

additionally, with the advent of scalpel free vasectomies, both the procedure and healing time are better and reduced. AND, vasectomies are covered by insurance and/or relatively inexpensive otherwise.

MORE incentive like pizza and stuff! oh and don't forget the frozen peas!