How About a Male Birth Control Pledge?

Although male birth control is a much-discussed topic, it doesn't actually exist yet — which makes it slightly easier for How About We's Walker James Loetscher to solemnly pledge that he would "utilize any FDA-approved male birth control methods, if and when they become available."

Lest you sarcastically think, "what a martyr" — women have been douching with lysol and spending thousands of dollars to prevent baby-making for decades — the procedure that prompted Loetscher to make an official pledge is an admittedly painful-sounding vas deferens injection, currently in advanced clinical trials but slated for the U.S. market in 2015, that would stop sperm production for up to ten years. Plus, it's actually more of a vasectomy alternative, which means guys would need to get a second penile injection to reverse the sperm-breaking process.


Will Loetscher, who states "I like going [consensually] bareback," "Child support is not my idea of a sound investment," and "I want Rush Limbaugh to call me a slut, too" convince others to sign the pledge? So far, only two men have retweeted it, and no one has commented on his post. Babies.


Here's the pledge, if you want to pass it on to any men in your life. Remember, guys: the internet is forever, so we can find you if you're just signing this in hopes of getting laid.

Who will join me? Sign the pledge:

I, ______________, do hereby solemnly swear to utilize any FDA-approved male birth control methods, if and when they become available. This includes (but is not necessarily limited to): pills, balms, salves, therapeutic ultrasounds, and, yes, intra-penile injections.



Image via Nixx Photography/Shutterstock.

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