How a WNBA Star Met Her Future Wife

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Here's the heartwarming story of how Minnesota Lynx's Seimone Augustus met her partner, care of The Advocate:

Minnesota lynx basketball star Seimone Augustus is, by all means, a homebody, but something told her to go out to a Minneapolis bar one night. After a few moments of quietly nursing a drink, she locked eyes with someone across the room. But this 6-foot-tall guard, the toast of Louisiana State University's basketball program, a number 1 WNBA draft pick, and an Olympian, was too shy to even muster up a simple "hello."

Fortunately, fate didn't allow these two ships to pass in the night, and five years after their first date at a local Six Flags theme park, Augustus is getting married-to a woman. She says her future nuptials with LaTaya Varner encouraged her to come out publicly as a lesbian, and the two are planning a summer wedding. Not this summer, though. The 28-year-old is concentrating on finishing her season in the Turkish women's basketball league, a two-peat of the WNBA league title, and bringing home the gold this summer from the London Olympics.

Everyone say, "Awww."

Reasons to Have Pride in 2012, Part 1 [The Advocate]

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I love the meet-cute story, but I think it warranted a better photo. Preferably one without a mouth guard. Also, is anyone as pumped up about the Olympics as I am? Especially basketball.