If you read the trades, you know Domino publisher Beth Brenner "welcomed" a baby daughter back in May. But you have to read next month's "Look and feel your sexiest at 20, 30, 40" issue of Glamour to find out how it all happened! (Hint: it involved a former beauty queen in her twenties, a Mexican-American mom in in her thirties, and a Conde Nast executive in her forties! And a Cartier bracelet and the "favorable" surrogacy laws of California.) Says Beth to the magazine:

I never thought for a moment that she wouldn't feel like mine.

Which is great, but just once wouldn't you like to hear one of these outsource-friendly moms say, "I know this is weird, but it didn't feel like mine? I dunno what it was, maybe that it didn't get any DNA from me, or the fact it had been bouncing up in down in a whole other lady's uterus 6,000 miles away for nine months, but when I held it I didn't feel a connection?

Anyway, to answer your earlier questions: yes, the hot one donated her eggs, the minority one donated her uterus, and we have serious doubts about the use of the word "donated" in this context. Also: something sketchy happened where Beth had to forbid Sylvia, the Mexican-American, from "visiting" New York on account of the surrogacy laws .... and blah blah blah Cartier bracelet.


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