Hotwives of Orlando Is for Real Housewives Lovers and Haters Alike

It's hard to believe that we even need a comedic and heightened version of the Real Housewives franchise when New York Housewife Aviva Drescher will literally be pulling off her prosthetic leg and flinging it on the table during a dinner party in next week's episode AND YET somehow the new Hulu series Hotwives of Orlando — a parody of the Real Housewives — is entirely necessary.


Featuring Casey Wilson as Tawney St. John, a trophy wife with a dying husband (who probably isn't as "dying" as she'd like him to be), Kristen Schaal as a child "star" turned alcoholic, Danielle Schneider basically playing Teresa Giudice, Tymberlee Hill as Phe Phe Reed (an entrepreneur with an abundance of catchphrases), Andrea Savage (standing in as Lisa Vanderpump) and Angela Kinsey as the morally righteous/entirely hypocritical Crystal Simmons, Hotwives of Orlando manages to incorporate all of the archetypes we've come to know throughout the last 8 years of Bravo's Real Housewives series. The sets are perfect. The husbands are perfect. The dialogue is perfect. It's an ideal lampooning, done in the same spirit as Yahoo's Burning Love, with equal parts mocking and affection.


The entire season is currently up on Hulu, but if you want a quick taste, here's a clip featuring Rich Fulcher (of the Mighty Boosh, of course) as a plastic surgeon giving Andrea Savage vaginal rejuvination to help with a "deviated septum" her vagina.

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While I would watch basically anything with Kristen Schaal, I was surprised that this was actually pretty good. Although it was a little awkward when I was watching at work (while actually working, incredibly) and my boss walked up when they were doing prostitute lessons. I didn't even try to explain the parody thing. We both just pretended no one saw anything.