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Bon Appetit just released their end-of-year list of the "Hottest Food Trends of 2009!" And, thanks to the economy, let's just say you're probably on the cutting edge of the culinary vanguard, because apparently being on trend means feeding yourself like a gluttonous toddler!


Peanut Butter: Doubtless we're about to have another round of feel-good comfort foods (or maybe food that feels fancy and restaurant-y so you can justify it as a treat, but is actually secretly reassuring? Or do pastry chefs not overthink stuff like we do?) Anyway, apparently PB is showing up all over the place. Bon Appetit provides recipes for "Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake Swirl Brownies," "Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Caramelized Banana Topping", and "Peanut Butter and Jelly Shortbread Wedges," none of which really sounds as appealing as that perennial poor gal's dinner, "peanut butter spoon."

Breakfast: Allegedly, breakfast for dinner (lazy mom style!) is big. And cheap! We are big fans of this "trend," which Bon Appetit interprets as "dressed-up waffles, pancakes, and eggs. Delectable biscuits, scones, and croissants." They forgot: cold cereal.


"Anything With An Egg On Top": Suspiciously similar to the "breakfast" trend, but we must concur: eggs on stuff will be big in '09. Especially if by "stuff" you mean "toast." Also, "plates." We have been known to bake an egg on top of a baked potato: this will be a trend.

Cheap Wine:Okay, they call it "Great Bargain Bottles," but a plonk by any name is a trend we're guessing we pioneered.

Ricotta: Dubious.

The Obligatory Cheap Dinner Party: Their menu, by Rick Rodgers, is all about cheap stuff masquerading as pricey stuff: "eye of round is a delicious stand in for prime rib, American caviar is a homegrown indulgence, and who needs truffles when you can have truffle oil?" Who indeed? While they are not wrong that cheap dinners will be popular, we forecast pasta, eggs, breakfast for dinner, "mulled wine," "sangria," and, our personal favorite, "pot luck." We are also fans of the, ahem, "trend" of charging our guests $5 for dinner.

Also big in 09 according to us: Ramen, chicken in various guises, boxed mac & cheese, yogurt, canned tuna, cabbage, bananas, ground beef, "leftover takeout rice creativity." Also, portable meat pies like miners used to eat, just because we like the idea. And baby food. In fact, "anything with baby food on top." Ooh, and maybe those hard candy balls that no one really likes; they're due for a comeback. And matzoh; unleavened bread will be very big in '09. Oh, and we'll see their "ricotta" and raise them an "Edam." Hey, we don't make the trends! We just forecast them.


The Hottest Food Trends For 2009 [Bon Appetit]

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