"Hottest Flight Attendants" Survey Actually Exists

Today, there's a piece on the "Hottest Flight Attendants" in the friendly skies. But don't worry! If you disagree with the survey, HuffPo gives you a chance to air your views. And say which flight attendants you consider the hottest.

Oh, the answer — in case you were dying to know — is Virgin Atlantic. Never mind that airlines have explicitly outlawed the policy of hiring their flight attendants based on appearance and the very notion of such a survey is deeply offensive. But can a thousand randoms polled by the Business Travel and Meetings Show be wrong? In the opinion of HuffPo, if Virgin's gonna run sexy ads like this, who cares?

Hottest Flight Attendants: Virgin Atlantic Tops In Survey [The Huffington Post]


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GAH. I've been doing a shit-ton of feminist reading lately (thank you, independent study about women in television!), and I keep coming across accounts of how brazenly, unapologetically sexist the airline industry used to be (I mean, this survey proves those times certainly aren't gone for good, but at least it's more covert sexism now?).

One book described how some airline used to require stewardesses to wear "Fly me" buttons on-board. As in, "I'm Cheryl. Fly me."

I had to put the book down and just laugh in bemused horror.

"Fly me."